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Our Advocacy and Public Awareness (APA) program educates the public using all forms of media, both nationally and internationally, including at the African Union and at the UN where we are an accredited non-government organization. We constantly inform about albinism, disseminating information on health and offering genetic truths to diffuse existing myths about albinism that often lead to dehumanizing stigma and discrimination used by witchdoctors and their clients to justify the macabre killings of PWA.  APA informs about human rights violations by investigating, collecting and publishing data about the atrocities against PWA. There is also a strong emphasis on the domestic understanding of albinism with simple, de-mythologizing messages about human dignity and respect, focusing on simple genetic & medical explanations, offering easy ways to live with and care for the condition. Additionally, our Tanzanian office frequently blitzes various parts of the country with Understanding Albinism (UA) seminars. These “in-person” encounters, where our PWA staff teaches their fellow citizens about albinism, helps humanize and normalize the issue. It is a highly interactive event with the audience where hearts and minds are enlightened and positive social change regularly occurs. We target both rural and urban centers including government agencies, hospitals, schools & universities, workplace environments, religious groups, police departments, village elders, family members, neighbours and friends.

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